Writing has been the balm within my grief. The place where I feel it, look at it, and transmute it into words. My wish is that these lines help you feel seen in your grief too.

I am here with you, in this.

The Most Common Mistake Grief Support People Make Jun 14, 2023

Grievers, let me know if this sounds familiar...

Them: “Let us know if you need...

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Coming Out of Survival Mode Jun 11, 2023

This memory pops into my mind often:

I’m sitting at my mother-in-law’s kitchen...

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The Loss of Our Person is Really Just the Beginning Apr 16, 2023

I feel out of place since Brian died.

Like I’m on the periphery of life, like I hold a...

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The Impossible Things in Grief, That Nobody Else Sees Mar 18, 2023

Nobody in the pharmacy today knew what I was going through. 

But as I walked through those...

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A Letter For A Younger Me, Just Before He Died Jan 23, 2023

It's that time of year again. 

Where it all begins to bubble up. The memories of where we...

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Five "Weird" Things That Happened to Me In The First Six Months Jan 14, 2023

The early days of loss are wild, aren't they? 

Back in my "before", if you'd asked me what...

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What You Call Being Strong, I Call Being in Shock Sep 12, 2022

What you call being strong, I call being in shock.

What you call inspirational, I call survival.

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If You Are in the Early Days, Hold On Sep 02, 2022

Three-and-a-half years ago my life fell apart. It opened up at the seams and my insides were...

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On Moving As A Widow Nov 30, 2021

How strange.

How strange to go through a trauma, pack a life into some boxes, drive and drive,...

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How Do You Celebrate Valentine’s Day When Your Lover is Dead? Feb 14, 2021

You figure out slowly, how to balance living here, with being forever connected to there.


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Are Moments Real When You Lose the Person Who You Shared Them With? Dec 19, 2020

On Christmas, it will have been twenty-one months since you left.

We held hands in the darkness...

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The Pharmacy Oct 07, 2020

It’s not the pharmacy that I usually go to. But I take a different route home and find...

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The Radical Beauty of Love Jan 12, 2020

I met Bri when I was twenty-seven and I fell for him hard. We loved each other like crazy, we...

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A Window into Grief: What Does Processing the Death of my Young Partner Really Look Like? Jan 09, 2020

Since my Brian died nine months ago, my mother has asked me a few times what...

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On Grief, Cancer, & Cars Dec 05, 2019

My love, Brian, was an excellent driver. I mean, really excellent. When I met him, I...

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