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The Beginning is the End is the Beginning

Forthcoming memoir in progress, with support from the Canada Council for the Arts. Open to representation from a literary agent.

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His Beautiful Death

As my love, Brian, lay dying beside me, I transformed our cold hospital room into a sacred space.

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Grief is Love

My grief gives life to a greater love than I knew existed.

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The Invisible Mourner

My daughter is grieving but nobody wants to talk about it.

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My Partner Died. So, I Started Writing.

Brian’s death was breathtakingly painful. Sharing my grief publicly, I began to learn how to live alongside my aching heart.

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Young Widowhood in the Time of Corona

While we’re ‘all in this together,’ my experience is very much my own. How I am learning to navigate the space between personal and collective grief.

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A Love Story for Toronto

As I walk through Toronto’s streets, I find that the old familiar routes no longer feel right, because I am irreversibly changed.

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