Learn the Language of Your Grieving Body
Recover your sense of safety & step into your life.
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Learn the Language of Your Grieving Body
Recover your sense of safety & step into your life.
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Spend eleven embodied weeks exploring somatic and nervous system regulating practices live with Mira & a group of your fellow grievers.


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When my love Brian died, I immediately felt the uncontrollable urge to write and speak about my loss. Storytelling became my go-to grief processing tool.

And this was what helped me survive, especially in the early days.

But even as I wrote and spoke and shared, I still felt so, deeply vulnerable. Like I was always just one trigger away from feeling like I couldn’t move.

I had a sneaking suspicion that my body and nervous system held the key to this deeper layer of integration that I was yearning for.

I remember thinking that I was doing a good job processing my loss and now it was time to process my trauma. As if they were two, neat, discreet aspects of Brian’s death.

And so, I did some research, found a somatic trauma therapist, and began to work with her.

But there was a really big problem. She didn’t understand grief.

I would bring experiences to her that had triggered me and I could tell that she was judging me because she wasn’t working from a grief-literate lens. She herself continually said things in our sessions that made me feel entirely misunderstood and alone in my experience of young widowhood, which triggered me even more. I never felt safe with her. And so, it didn’t matter that she knew somatic work, because she didn’t know grief work.

And here’s the thing…

I hear versions of this same story over and over again from my fellow survivors of traumatic loss. We try to access embodied trauma healing and we end up experiencing more harm because of rampant grief-illiteracy.

And maybe the worst part…

Many trauma therapists, including the one I worked with, claim that they are trained to work with grief.

On my quest for a grief-literate somatic guide, I found that there were excellent grief-specific therapists and coaches who weren’t incorporating a ton of somatic work. And that there were great somatic workers who didn’t have a full, nuanced understanding or lived experience with traumatic grief.

And so, I set out to find a way to merge the two.

The body only understands the language of the body.

One of the first things I noticed as I began to explore somatic practices, was how frequently I was attempting to think my way out of triggering situations. And it wasn’t working.

You see, I could talk to my body using words until I was blue in the face, and I could even learn about somatic work and fully understand it, but until I actually practiced it, my body wasn't getting the message.

And so, I dove headfirst into embodied, somatic, and nervous system practice.

Over time, through a lot of trial and error, I developed my own unique approach to grief-specific nervous system and somatic work.

Eventually, I began to tap into somatic coaches who weren’t grief-specific and I learned a lot from them. Still, I couldn’t help thinking how much I wished I had found someone with a grief-specific lens and hopefully lived experience, who could have supported me in this work, earlier on, when I was so much more tender.

This is how the seed of RECLAIM was born.

Because the truth is that of all the grief and trauma work that I have done, it is this embodied exploration and integration that has truly shifted things and allowed me to feel my grief as the purest form of love and begin to RECLAIM my sense of safety and of self.

I created RECLAIM for you if any of the following statements ring true:
  • You intuitively feel that there are elements of your traumatic loss stored within your body
  • You have experienced unexplainable physical ailments since you lost your person (headaches, body pain, heart palpitations, fatigue etc.)
  • You live with anxiety, panic, and a heightened stress response since your loss that traditional talk-therapy alone is not reaching
  • You are triggered by things that may seem small to someone who hasn’t experienced deep loss
  • You have noticed a shift in your cognitive capacity such as changes in memory & attention span
  • You have had a difficult time experiencing pleasure or feeling "at home" in your body 
  • You find that your anger and/or stress levels can go from 0 to 100 in a second, seemingly out of nowhere
  • You are curious about nervous system and somatic work and perhaps have even tried to explore this work already with a therapist or a coach and had a negative experience due to grief-illiteracy
  • You typically connect to holistic mind-body approaches to health (yoga, meditation, etc.) but have found it challenging to practice since your loss or want to go deeper with a group of your fellow grievers
**This group is probably not a good fit for you if:
  • You are looking for a quick fix or a space to learn mindset shifts so you can overcome your loss
  • You are expecting intensive movement and exercise
  • You aren’t open to trying some exercises that might sound or look a little funny (don’t worry, you can totally turn your sound & camera off!)
When you join RECLAIM, you will have the opportunity to connect live with Mira & a group of your fellow grievers.

Each session will include both discussion & movement elements:

  • We will check-in with one another around a common theme & have the opportunity to share how our grief is coming up that week
  • We will learn some of the theory behind somatic work and why it helps decrease tension & stress, and lowers trigger activation after traumatic loss
  • For the bulk of each session, Mira will teach and guide the group through grief-specific somatic exercises, gentle movements, meditations, and visualizations that signal safety to the body
  • We will have the opportunity to discuss the impact that this work is having on our grief and on our life as we go

Over the course of the eleven weeks you will learn:

  • Daily practices that will begin to regulate your nervous system & strengthen your vagus nerve
  • Ways to build self-compassion and self-love through tending to your body
  • How to work within and gently widen your window of tolerance
  • Qigong, yoga, & breathwork techniques that are especially supportive in grief
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Details, please:

RECLAIM runs for eleven weeks and includes eight live sessions with Mira + one somatic theory & movement workshop with a guest facilitator + two weeks off for integration with pre-recorded practice videos provided.

  • Sessions will take place on zoom and may be accessed from anywhere in the world
  • The next cohort will run on Thursdays from 1:00 – 2:30 PM ET (Toronto & New York time) beginning on October 26 and running through to January 18, 2024 (with two weeks entirely off for the holidays)
What Else?
  • All sessions will be recorded if you can’t make it live or want to use them for individual practice again and again (there is no expiry, for as long as I’m running New Moon Mira)
  • Everyone in the group will have access to a private chat thread, where we can connect in-between weekly sessions and support each other as we go
  • Additional pre-recorded practice videos and grief-specific meditations will be added to our private portal along the way (no expiry)



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This group includes eight 90-minute live sessions with Mira, a somatic workshop with our guest speaker, pre-recorded practice videos, grief-specific meditations and visualizations, a private portal where all recordings and resources will live (no expiry), and a chat group where we can stay in touch as we learn, practice, and integrate. All prices are in USD.

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Release the trauma from your loss.

Recover your sense of safety.

Step into your life.

Client Love...

I incorporate elements of somatic work into all the programs that I run. In fact, it is the incredible feedback from the beautiful humans in my other groups, that has nudged me towards creating this new offering.


“The first time we did somatic work in our holiday grief group with Mira, something completely shifted in my body and my psyche. I felt a sense of hope. I hadn’t experienced this feeling since before my husband died. Tending to my body and what it needed through those movements somehow moved the grief itself and created a space where I felt like there was finally room to feel some lightness. I could imagine a way forward for the very first time. Keep me posted, Mira. I want to sign up for this new program you are offering!”


“I cannot wait for RECLAIM!! Mira was so good at sharing and teaching us somatic practices in ‘I See You, Sister’. I knew I would definitely take a somatic course if she decided to run one. I trust her so much and I honestly couldn’t imagine taking anything like this group from someone else. I am really looking forward to it.”


“As a gifted and experienced group facilitator, Mira created this incredible container that immediately felt safe. I learned so much from Mira about how grief and trauma live in our bodies, not just in our thoughts and feelings. I then began to explore and use the somatic practices Mira taught us in the days in-between groups. I was surviving what felt un-survivable. I trust Mira implicitly.”

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Your Group Facilitator:

Mira Simone is a registered mental health occupational therapist in Ontario, Canada with a decade of experience leading groups and providing 1:1 support. When Mira’s husband Brian died in 2019, she turned to writing, publishing essays and growing a community of grievers on instagram by sharing her story. Facilitating groups still felt like a passion, but like so many widows, her old life just didn’t seem to fit anymore, in the way it once did. So, in 2022, Mira founded New Moon Mira and began running group programs within the grief space. Studying and working with somatic and nervous system regulating practices has been life-changing for Mira, after experiencing profound trauma around Brian’s death. After incorporating various somatic practices into her other grief groups, Mira decided to run a program with somatic work at its core. And thus, RECLAIM was born.

Your Guest Workshop Leader:

Cindy Doire is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying), a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), a somatic coach, and an award-winning singer/songwriter. Cindy also has lived experience with deep grief, as her father passed away suddenly when she was 13-years-old. As a therapist, teacher, artist, and coach, Cindy embraces how different every day and moment is, and allows sessions to flow from the here-and-now. Cindy teaches that the body’s response to trauma is rooted in its ability to heal and protect itself from danger. She empowers her students and clients through equipping them with the understanding that when we experience trauma symptoms, we are not broken. In fact, our bodies are responding precisely as they were designed to. Through understanding this process, Cindy helps individuals change the way that they respond to stress moving forward. We are thrilled to have Cindy joining us for one bonus workshop as part of RECLAIM.


These embodied shifts take practice.

It doesn’t happen fast.

This is deep, slow, life-changing work.

Let me hold you in a grief-literate space where you don’t have to worry about explaining your grief to someone who just doesn’t get it.


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