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As the Shock Wore Off: Grief’s Second Year

Mira speaks about her husband Brian's cancer diagnosis and death and how it created a huge crater in her life. She talks openly about learning to support her young daughter in her grief, what it feels like when the shock starts to dissipate, and how writing has been a constant outlet for her.

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Mira Simone: His Beautiful Death

During this interview, Mira speaks about Brian’s cancer journey, his death experience, and her life after as a young widow. She shares the inspiration for one of her most well-received pieces of writing, why plantain bread is meaningful for her, and the song that has connected her to Brian the most.

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Getting Out There and Dabbling in Dating with @newmoonmira

In this episode, Mira gives us a glimpse into her life with her late husband, Brian. She talks about the final days with him, including some of the things they talked about, and what went unsaid. We then get to hear about her first date after Brian’s death, other dating experiences she’s had as a widow, and where she’s at now.

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Mira Simone on Grief, Trauma, and Writing

Mira discusses how she coped with the shock and trauma of losing her husband, how sharing her writing publicly has given her a sense of purpose, and her experiences with both grief therapy and trauma therapy.

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Mira Simone: New Moon

In this interview, Mira unpacks her grief journey and goes deep on death and dying, speaking some honest truths that will leave you digesting this episode for days after.

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Video Series

Grief Chats with Dana & Mira

Grief Chats is a 2021 video series hosted by fellow cancer widows Dana Frost and Mira Simone, where we unpack what it’s actually like to grieve a traumatic loss in our world today. We cover taboo topics like dating, sex, money, and friendship loss as widows.

Grief is hard. Let’s talk about it.

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