A transformational group space for widows. Integrate your loss within a safe container along with other women who understand what this is really like.









A transformational group space for widows. Integrate your loss within a safe container along with other women who understand what this is really like.

Welcome to "I See You, Sister", a four month+ journey through widowhood, where we will move through the waves together.


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Hello my beautiful sister.

I see you in this pain and I know what this feels like. It’s okay that it hurts. There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing that needs fixing.

There’s no expiry date when your grief is no longer valid. You don’t need to turn your emotions around. You don’t need to become more positive.

I get it, this is agonizing. There have been so many moments when I have wanted my grief to disappear.

But I truly believe that integration of our loss happens when we are honest about our experience. When we see ourselves and our grief clearly, without shame or the pressure to be “better”.

And when we do this in community together, the power of connection between grievers is transformative.

What I think we really need are safe spaces to be, exactly as we are. To tell our stories. To be held. To be told, “Me too”, “You’re not alone,” and “I won’t turn away”.

Rebuilding will happen. And in my experience, it doesn’t begin in one magical moment when we are entirely "healed". It happens within and in-between the devastation. It’s all one big messy, murky, wild experience of painful growth and change. And if we’re honest about our experience, that’s when we rebuild our lives authentically.

We all have an internal wisdom.

We are each our own grief expert.

We don’t need pressure and we don’t need to be fixed.

We need connection.

We need to be heard.

We need to be seen.

Exactly as we are.

There is nothing wrong with you. You’re not broken. You’re grieving.

Love, Mira

Grief can make you feel both exquisitely, insignificantly small and unbearably large all at once.

It can show you the darkest parts of yourself at the same time as uncovering the bits you can’t believe how much you love.

It’s about losing everything in a moment.

How the floor opens up in front of you and how it doesn’t entirely close back up again. And how you learn to live with that opening, just beyond your fingertips.

It’s about how the beginning is the end is the beginning. And how life and grief are full of cycles, circling around and overtop of one another.

Rebuilding happens within our grief. Life happens alongside loss. There is nothing to overcome.

This is being here. And being human. This is love.

I created I See You, Sister because I wanted to build a group container where our grief can be examined in a gentle and non-judgmental environment. A grief-literate space where we can each reconnect to our own rhythm in this after-life. Together.

As a member of I See You, Sister, you will be part of a guided journey where we explore:
  • Sharing our stories of widowhood in a supportive and loving community
  • Recognizing and identifying secondary losses, societal grief-illiteracy, and widely held grief myths
  • Uncovering and airing out the messiness of widowhood
  • Expressing and embodying the hard emotions
  • Openly discussing grief related to our children (or lack of)
  • The transformational role of spirituality and continuing bonds, within our grief experience
  • Dating & sexuality
  • The grief & trauma held in our bodies and how to actually integrate this deep layer of loss
  • Processing and walking through the holidays and the new year together
Along with an intimate group of your fellow widows, you will learn about & move into:
  • Defining boundaries within your grief
  • Discussing the importance of self-love
  • Reimagining your future together with your grief
  • Reconnecting to your intuition, wisdom, and confidence
  • Embodying the energy of transformation and/or building greater attunement with yourself
  • Finding nuance and moving forward with your loss and your partner alongside you


In addition, you will be introduced to new tools, effective strategies, and knowledge around:
  • Somatic body-based practices to help you release trauma stored in your body and communicate to your body that it’s safe

The Finer Details:

The most important part of I See You, Sister, will be our weekly zoom calls, where we will meet online. These live sessions will include a unique combination of Mira's teaching, guiding, & coaching, combined with plenty of time for us to share our grief experiences and explore the topic areas together. 

Tuesday Cohort: Begins on November 7th, 2023.

Thursday Cohort: Begins on November 9th, 2023. 

Each call will be 90-minutes long and will run weekly on Tuesday or Thursday (depending on your cohort) from 1:00 - 2:30 PM ET.

And then, there are all the BONUSES! In addition to the sixteen weekly zoom sessions, "I See You Sister" will include:
  • Access to a beautiful, private online course platform where all supporting materials, resources, worksheets, and session recordings will be conveniently found 
  • A private "I See You, Sister" facebook group, so you can communicate and continue the conversation with your fellow group members in-between sessions, as well as ask Mira questions and connect beyond the coaching calls (this will be key during Thanksgiving + Christmas, when we take two weeks off of meeting live on zoom)
  • A curated spotify playlist that has helped Mira connect to and move through her grief 
  • A robust and gorgeous course booklet with just under 100 pages of session notes, writing & conversation prompts, and worksheets   
  • Two incredible guest facilitators - included within our 16 live group sessions
  • One pre-recorded 60-minute gentle yoga for grief + trauma class, one pre-recorded meditation for grief, AND one pre-recorded Qigong class for nervous system regulation 
  • ***NEW*** This round, Mira will be adding everyone who is a member of "I See You, Sister" to her close friends list on Instagram for the duration of our 18 weeks together - she will share follow-up IG stories just for you, around our topics each week to encourage a deepening of exploration + nuance 

Client Love...

What are past participants of “I See You, Sister” saying?


“When I think back to the very first time I logged in to ‘I See You, Sister’, all I can says is, ‘Wow’. This group completely exceeded my expectations, in terms of how powerful it's been. As a gifted and experienced group facilitator, Mira created this incredible container that immediately felt safe; a space characterized by honesty, genuine understanding, and guidance that steadied me when I felt so untethered in the world.  Mira and the other women impacted my grief journey so much, because of how real, honest, and open they all were. Having other people who understand what this is like has changed so much for me. ‘I See You, Sister’ has been a space that’s really allowed me to be open about my experience. It has made me feel sane and grounded. I’m so grateful I joined this group. I learned so much from Mira and I know that she will continue to be an important part of my grief journey.


“I have felt so blessed by Mira and am so grateful for her. Not just what she offers in her work with widows and grievers - but how she is as a person. I’m grateful for her heart. It’s so loving and grounded and sparkling - and I feel blessed to have her in my circle. I honestly feel like so much of my healing has been 'supersonic', on speed dial, and in 'ultra-mode' because of Mira’s group. It will literally stick with me for the rest of my life and I cannot wait to join more New Moon Mira programs and retreats. I just adore Mira. And I know the other women in our group feel the same way. If you are looking for a community that understands the widowhood and grief journey, whether it’s a recent loss or a longer loss, this space is for you.”


“When Mira opened up her group, ‘I See You Sister’, I knew I wanted to join right away. Being a part of a group of women who have experienced the same kind of loss has validated my experience and helped me feel supported. Mira is a wonderful kind, gentle person who brings so much knowledge and experience in grief. She was so good at sharing and teaching us somatic practices and I felt very safe with her, allowing me to open up and be truly honest and vulnerable. ‘I See You, Sister’ is a comfort each week, knowing I can login, talk, listen and be with others who understand what I am going through. I trust Mira so much and I honestly couldn’t imagine taking anything like this group from someone else. I would recommend Mira to anyone who is living with grief. Her knowledge, kindness and support has helped me tremendously on my journey.”


“I decided to join ‘I See You, Sister’, so that I could be in a community of grievers and learn more about how to live with my grief and also support my devastated kids. I kept looking to therapists and other professionals to help me but really, I needed other people riding the same waves. ‘I See You, Sister’ has been a support I desperately needed. The programming is informative and serves as a platform for my favorite part - listening to everyone's stories. We start each session with a meditation and then a check in, where we each share what is going on with us. It makes me feel less alone in the world and I find inspiration in the other women and our conversations. It is hard to be a younger widow in a world of couples. Our stuff is just different and everyone in the group ‘gets it’. I look forward to our sessions and really, really hope we can maintain contact. I care about the other women and Mira. They are my fellow widow travelers. Mira, to say I am grateful for your group is an understatement. I am just filled with awe and gratitude for the opportunity to bear witness to the other women's stories and share mine.”


“Joining ‘I See You, Sister’ has given me the space to be seen and heard. It's truly been a turning point on my grief journey. I am part of a community now, I belong. I look forward to the sessions each week. Mira holds space for each of us and we listen and contribute. It is striking that although each of us has a different story and circumstance, there are so many commonalities. We understand and support each other under Mira’s facilitation. Mira facilitates in a gentle way and bears witness to our lives. She is unselfish with her moderation of the group. The topics she has chosen for each session are relevant, real, and thought provoking. Our feelings and our grief are validated and explored. As a result of joining this group, I have gained community and I value each of my fellow widows. I feel seen and no longer feel isolated. If you are widowed, I would highly recommend joining Mira’s group. ‘I See You, Sister’ has made such a positive impact on how I carry my grief and my continuing love for my husband moving forward.”


“The ‘I See You, Sister’ group sessions and materials were so well organized. I liked that there was a different topic each week and I enjoyed starting each session with a mindfulness meditation. I felt that I had the space to participate each session and was listened to – but I never felt pressured to contribute if I preferred to be quieter one week. From Mira’s group I got a sense of community. The women in the group were very kind, supportive, comforting, and uplifting. Everyone’s story is so different but the trauma we have all experienced and share is the same. It was comforting to share this experience with other people. Grief is lonely and now, I don't feel as alone in my grief. I strongly recommend this group to others.”

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Program Contributors + Guest Facilitators

Marie-Claude Goudreau

The Theory of Continuing Bonds

Marie is a Grief Coach and End-of-Life Specialist who walks the path of healing with women who have suffered a profound loss. She is the founder of Empowered Through Grief, a coaching practice and community that provides a safe space for healing and post-traumatic growth for women grieving all types of loss. Having lost her partner to cancer, her guidance and coaching comes from both education and personal experience, which allows her to deeply relate to her client’s experience of grief and loss. We are excited for Marie to join us for a session on the Theory of Continuing Bonds. 

Cindy Doire

Yoga & Embodied Trauma Exploration

Cindy Doire is a registered psychotherapist (qualifying), a certified trauma-informed yoga teacher (E-RYT 500), a somatic coach, and an award-winning singer/songwriter. Cindy also has lived experience with deep grief, as her father passed away suddenly when she was 13-years-old. As a therapist, teacher, artist, and coach, Cindy embraces how different every day and moment is, and allows sessions to flow from the here-and-now. Cindy will be guiding us through some gentle yoga and movement practices, specific to trauma and grief.

Ali Stark

Qigong & Nervous System Regulation

Ali is a certified Qigong instructor of Chow Medical Qigong, Organ Cleansing Qigong (Zhang Fu Gong) and is a Level 1 & 2 Instructor of Radiant Lotus Women’s Qigong. She has been studying Qigong since 2001, teaching since 2009, and managing her own deep grief and chronic pain & illness for many years. Her teaching feels nourishing, gentle, and calming - which is so appreciated within the context of complex grief. We are thrilled to have Ali contributing a Qigong class for grief, trauma, and nervous system regulation to our group. 

More Client Testimonials


“‘I See You, Sister’ has been amazing. It’s been life changing. The support, the kind and gentle energy, how inspiring and wise the other women are. From the beginning, it was such a gentle and kind-hearted space, where everybody was real and raw. You don't encounter that in society very often. It's hard to find - and it happened so quickly within our group. Joining ‘I See You, Sister’ was a profound and amazing experience. Mira, I am so, so grateful that you do what you do so incredibly well. Thank you.”


“‘I See You, Sister’ was something extremely special in my life and I wish it didn’t have to end. The fact that everybody was able to be so open and vulnerable was such a blessing to me. None of us wanted to be a part of this club, but here we are. I have valued this group so much.”


“I joined ‘I See You, Sister’ because I felt like I was stuck. I didn't know what the future held. This group gave me a renewed sense of strength and purpose. Now I know that I can do this. So, thank you so much Mira and all the other beautiful women in our group. I really needed this reminder. I needed something that would tell me that life would continue.”


“I'm so incredibly grateful for Mira and ‘I See You, Sister’. I tell my friends about this group all the time, about how happy I am to have found other people who I can talk to and share with, listen to and feel for. ‘I See You, Sister’ has been invaluable for me. It's changed my life. Mira is incredible at what she does. She has a gift, a significant gift. She is a treasure to her fellow widows.”

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About Your Facilitator:

Prior to becoming a widow, Mira Simone, MSc, worked as an occupational therapist with people who had sustained a brain injury, were living with chronic pain & illness, and individuals with developmental disabilities. Grief and holding space for it, was always a part of her work, but experiencing the loss of her partner Brian in 2019, and then her father in 2021, opened up an entirely new awareness of the grief experience for her.

Mira is a registered mental health occupational therapist in Ontario, Canada with a decade of experience leading groups and providing 1:1 support.

She writes and speaks publicly about the grief experience and is currently writing a memoir with support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Mira founded New Moon Mira to create the grief space she was looking for when her partner first died.


About Your Facilitator:

Prior to becoming a widow, Mira Simone worked with people who had sustained a brain injury, were living with chronic pain & illness, and individuals with developmental disabilities. Grief and holding space for it, was always a part of her work, but experiencing the loss of her partner Brian in 2019, and then her father in 2021, opened up an entirely new awareness of the grief experience for her.

Mira is a registered mental health occupational therapist in Ontario, Canada with a decade of experience leading groups and providing 1:1 support.

She writes and speaks publicly about the grief experience and is currently writing a memoir with support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Mira founded New Moon Mira to create the grief space she was looking for when her partner first died.