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I See You, Sister: A Group for Widows - Thursday • Autumn 2023 Start (4 month payment plan)

A transformational group space for widows. Integrate your loss within a safe container along with other women who understand what this is really like.

As a member of I See You, Sister, you will be part of a guided journey where we explore:

  • Sharing our stories of widowhood in a supportive and loving community
  • Recognizing and identifying secondary losses, societal grief-illiteracy, and widely held grief myths
  • Uncovering and airing out the messiness of widowhood
  • Expressing and embodying the hard emotions
  • Openly discussing grief related to our children (or lack of)
  • The role of spirituality within our grief experience
  • Dating & sexuality
  • The grief & trauma held in our bodies and how to actually process this deep layer of loss
  • Processing and walking through the holidays and the new year together

Along with your widow sisters, you will learn about & move into:

  • Defining boundaries within your grief
  • Discussing the importance of self-love
  • Reimagining your future together with your grief
  • Reconnecting to your intuition, wisdom, and confidence
  • Embodying the energy of transformation and/or building greater attunement with yourself
  • Finding nuance and moving forward with your loss and your partner alongside you

In addition, you will be introduced to new tools, effective strategies, and knowledge around:

  • Somatic body-based practices to help you release trauma stored in your body and communicate to your body that it’s safe

And then, there are all the BONUSES! In addition to the sixteen live zoom coaching sessions, I See You Sister will include:

  • Access to a beautiful, private online course platform where all supporting materials, resources, worksheets, and session recordings will be conveniently found 
  • A private "I See You, Sister" facebook group, so you can communicate and continue the conversation with your fellow group members in-between sessions, as well as ask Mira questions and connect beyond the coaching calls (our facebook group will help us stay connected during the two weeks that we are taking off of live group coaching for Thanksgiving + Christmas)
  • A curated spotify playlist that has helped Mira connect to and move through her grief 
  • A robust and gorgeous course booklet just under 100 pages, with session notes, writing & conversation prompts, and worksheets   
  • Two incredible guest facilitators - included within the 16 sessions
  • A pre-recorded 60-minute gentle yoga for grief + trauma class, one pre-recorded meditation, AND one pre-recorded Qigong class for nervous system regulation 
  • ***NEW*** This round, Mira will be adding everyone who is a member of "I See You, Sister" to her close friends list on Instagram for the duration of our 18-weeks together - there she will share follow-up stories around our topic each week to encourage a deepening of exploration + nuance 

 ***There will be a MAX of 12 widows in each cohort, to ensure space for intimate connections to grow.***

Register Now

Only $135 per week for our 18 week group container (14 weeks of live group coaching with Mira, two weeks with our guest facilitators, + two weeks off for Thanksgiving + Christmas - with our facebook community still going strong, of course) PLUS all the bonuses listed above! This is likely the last time that I will offer this program in this way and won't open doors again until Fall 2024, so join now.

Please note that I do not typically provide refunds, except under very special circumstances. I spend a significant amount of time and energy creating supportive resources & an energetic space of care for all of you.

I See You, Sister is open to widows of any age, both with and without kids. Every cohort is different, but typically we have widows of all different ages, with the majority tending to be in their 30s and 40s with kids. Before registering, please ensure that you are comfortable with this. I find that there is so much magic in holding space for one another in our grief, both the similarities and differences. Every widow is welcome. 

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What People Are Saying:

As a result of joining 'I See You, Sister', I have gained community. I feel seen and no longer feel isolated. If you are widowed, I would highly recommend joining Mira’s group. ‘I See You, Sister’ has made such a positive impact on how I carry my grief and my continuing love for my husband moving forward.


I kept looking to therapists and other professionals to help me but really, I needed other people riding the same waves. ‘I See You, Sister’ has been a support I desperately needed. The programming is informative and serves as a platform for my favorite part - listening to everyone's stories. It makes me feel less alone in the world and I find inspiration in the other women and our conversations. I look forward to our sessions each week. Mira, to say I am grateful for your group is an understatement.


Being a part of a group of women who have experienced the same kind of loss has validated my experience and helped me feel supported. Mira is a wonderful kind, gentle person who brings so much knowledge and experience in grief. She was so good at sharing and teaching us somatic practices and I felt very safe with her, allowing me to open up and be truly honest and vulnerable. ‘I See You, Sister’ is a comfort each week, knowing I can login, talk, listen and be with others who understand what I am going through. I trust Mira so much and I honestly couldn’t imagine taking anything like this group from someone else. I would recommend Mira to anyone who is living with grief. Her knowledge, kindness and support has helped me tremendously on my journey.